Website Builder Review

SiteBuilder is relatively easy to use website builder. It comes with all the basic and necessary features to help you create and launch a website quickly.

Note: SiteBuilder is the same product as, and

Summary of Pros

  1. Free domain and email services
    All premium plans come with a free domain and email services.
  2. Free advertising credits
    SiteBuilder offers $300 worth of free advertising credits when you sign up for any one of its premium plans.

Summary of Cons

  1. Lack of live customer support
    SiteBuilder doesn't offer any phone or live chat support.
  2. Builder loads slow
    It's been known that SiteBuilder's editor is not as responsive. Very often, it takes quite a bit of time for the editor's features to load, even on fast machines.
  3. Bad billing practices
  4. Plans and pricing are not transparent on their website.
    SiteBuilder doesn't list its plans or pricing on the website. Instead, you get a "Click here to start" button to create your own Free website. Once you have submitted your name and email address, you're taken to a page to choose a free domain name. Note that once you've chosen your domain name, you will be taken to a page where you're asked to select the premium plan of choice, and that's where you will come across the plans and pricing for the very first time.
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Plans & Pricing

SiteBuilder offers one free plan and four premium plans.

Just like other website builders that offer a free plan, the SiteBuilder Free plan lets you create a website and host it on a sub-domain – your website address would be something like

As expected, the free plan comes with limited features. You can add photo gallery and blog, as well as other features such as buttons and forms) but the plan does not offer any eCommerce features, statistics or SEO tools. You also don't get a mobile version of your website. It basically is a bare-bone plan that lets you create a simple website. Because it is a free plan, your website will contain the branding.

If you want to use your own domain, then you will have to subscribe to one of SiteBuilder's premium plans: Personal, Pro, Premium and eCommerce. All premium plans come with a free domain name, free ad credits and the branding on your website is removed.

Unlike most other website builders, SiteBuilder doesn't offer any month-to-month payment options. In addition, the advertised pricing is for a 2-yr billing term. If you don't want to commit the 2-yr term, there is a 1-yr option.

The Personal plan is offered at $8.99/month, regardless if you have opted for the 2-yr or 1-yr billing term. In terms of features, this plans doesn't come with much and you will find yourself needing to upgrade to add more functionality to your website.

The Pro plan is offered at $4.99/month on the 2-year term, or $5.99/yr on the 1-yr term. This plan comes with free email services.

The Premium plan builds upon the Pro plan with the addition of SEO tools and Priority Support. This plan is offered at $7.79/month on the 2-year term, or $7.99/month on the 1-year term.

The eCommerce plan builds upon the Premium Plan but it also gives your full eCommerce capabilities. This plan is offered at $11.99/month on the 2-year term, or $12.99/month on the 1-year term.

There are number of add-ons available within your control panel, including domain privacy, personal email, ad credits, mobile-optimized website, etc. If you are on the free plan, clicking on any of these options simply brings you to the upgrade screen to choose one of their paid plans.

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SiteBuilder offers a huge collection of templates to choose from. Templates are organized by industry (ie. Architecture & Real Estate, Hotels & Travel, etc.). SiteBuilder's templates look modern but they are still inferior to those of Squarespace or Wix.

Just in case you can't find a design that suits your needs, SiteBuilder also offers the option to order a custom template from SiteBuilder's Site Tailor team.

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SiteBuilder's interface is clean and simple. In fact, if you have used website builders before, SiteBuilder's interface should look familiar to you – options to edit your website are placed in the column along the left side of the screen and options to save, publish, upgrade and undo/redo edits are laid out in the bar along the top.

And if you have used before, you will see that the editors are exactly the same, after all they are essentially the same company, same website builder.

SiteBuilder uses the drag-and-drop technology. You can drag and drop elements anywhere on your web page.

With SiteBuilder, your pages are built by stacking sections. This structure works well for creating image-heavy websites.

SiteBuilder offers a huge selection of Section templates – for example, there are 20 different images (gallery) section templates to choose from. In addition, you can drag elements around the customize each section as needed.

Another great feature that comes with SiteBuilder's editor is the Save History tool. This tool lets you rollback to any pages you have made on your website. This is similar to the backup and restore function found on DudaOne and GoDaddy's website builder.

In terms of website customization, SiteBuilder lets you change your website's color scheme and background, as well as font and text styles.

When it comes to adding pages to your website, SiteBuilder offers many pre-formatted pages that you can add to your website. These pre-formatted pages come with sample text and images so all you need to do is replace them with your own content.

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Features & Apps

SiteBuilder offers a good range of widgets that let you add contact forms, maps, blogs, videos and photo galleries onto your website.

SiteBuilder also offers a few widgets that are integrations from third parties, including Sound Cloud Player, Facebook and Twitter buttons, and LinkedIn buttons.


SiteBuilder lets you add a blog to your website, and the blog application comes with strong style customizations. For example, you get to choose from a variety of blog templates. You can also edit the permalink, set tags, create cover images, pin posts and more. Unfortunately, you cannot add a comment section to your blog posts.

Form Builder

In addition to the Contact Us section, you can also add a contact form element on to your web page. The form editor is very simple and you can only add two types of fields: text field and text area. This means, you won't be able to add checkboxes, radio buttons, file uploads, etc. But you get a good amount of customization for the layout and styling of your form, and you can also write custom error and success messages.

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Working with Images

SiteBuilder features stunning galleries that support both videos and images.

You can add images and galleries using the gallery widget or as an image gallery section.

SiteBuilder lets you upload image files and keeps them accessible in a File Manager. The File Manager also lets you add folders for easier image management and organization.

SiteBuilder also lets you edit your images via an integrated Aviary editor.

If you are running out of images, SiteBuilder also comes with an extensive stock image library.

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SiteBuilder provides two options for selling products on your website – through the PayPal widget or with their built-in storefront. The PayPal app is very basic, but it is free and available on all plans.

SiteBuilder, like other website builders (ie. and Wix), uses an integration with Ecwid, a third-party store builder. Ecwid is a powerful ecommerce application with a great deal of features.

In addition to adding and displaying products, the Ecwid integration allows you to receive payments, configure shipping options, keep track of orders and more.

Unfortunately, the Ecwid-integrated solution is only available to users on premium plans. Free plan users can only add ecommerce functionality via the free PayPal app.

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Domain & Email

If there is one feature of SiteBuilder that stands out it would be the free domain and email services included in all premium plans.

While other website builders also offer free domain names, it's usually for the first year. SiteBuilder, on the other hand, gives you a free for life domain – the domain will be auto-renewed free-of-charge for the life of your website builder plan. Another website builder that offers such feature is

SiteBuilder throws in free email services for your domain. The catch is, you have to buy the domain from SiteBuilder – if your domain is purchased from another provider, you will need to set up domain email services via Gmail.

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SiteBuilder offers support via an online knowledgebase and email.

On SiteBuilder's Help page, you can easily get technical support, billings support and access to the email ticketing system. Unfortunately, SiteBuilder doesn't offer any phone or live chat support.

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Bad Billing Practices

If you do a web search for "" and it's sister company "", you will come across any billing complaints against the companies. Complaints including unauthorized charges, hidden fees, as well as unable to terminate services. So if you do decide to go with as your website builder, make sure you double-check your orders and bills before making any payments.

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If you are looking for a very simply website builder to create and maintain your website, then SiteBuilder is a service you can consider. It offers a drag and drop editor, integrated apps and widgets and best of all, free domain and email services.

However, it's also because of its simplicity that makes SiteBuilder quite limited in terms of services, especially when you compare it with competitors like Wix, Weebly and If you see yourself needing anything that‘s beyond the standard website and blog, you will find yourself needing to pay extra. So, price-and-feature-wise, you can definitely find less expensive plans that offer more features.

SiteBuilder is the same product as WebsiteBuilder. It's unknown why the company behind all these website builders has decided to offer the same service on different companies. Unfortunately, both of these services are quite well-known for their billing problems.