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The Ultimate Free Web Design Toolkit

When it comes to DIY, there are a multitude of online tools that can do wonders for your web design. We've rounded up some amazing tools that you can use for each aspect of your web design. Did we mention - they’re all free to use? Enjoy!

The Ultimate Free Web Design Toolkit


The colours on your website make an enormous impact. The color scheme of your website can affect the way your brand is perceived and influence the emotions of your visitors.

Adobe Color

This is a great community and resource for designers looking for the perfect colour combinations. Explore colour themes created by passionate designers, or try your hand at creating your own combinations using the colour wheel.

The Ultimate Free Web Design Toolkit


A single, well-placed image can make an impact on the entire look of your website. Remember to use high-quality images that match the brand, feel and tone of your website.

See our article for a list of our favourite stock image collections online at the moment: Where To Find Professional Images

Keep in mind that many site builders include an extensive library of copy-right free stock images. Also, depending on the plan you that you choose, you could potentially unlock more premium images. Wix and Website.com have a beautiful collection of copyright free images for your use.

The Ultimate Free Web Design Toolkit

Image Editing Software

Whether you want to try your hand at creating your own website graphics, or if you need to quickly add a logo, retouch an image, or add a few unique touches, you’ll need some great editing software to get the job done.


One of the classics. Yes, GIMP may seem a little outdated, but its functionality allows it to be a possible contender for Adobe Photoshop. If you need a program to edit and retouch your images, GIMP is your friend.

Google Drawings

While this Google Drive tool seems basic, there are a great number of features that can help you create graphics like you’ve never imagined. Use shapes, explore different drawing tools, and collaborate with others with this intuitive and fool-proof program.

The Ultimate Free Web Design Toolkit


Choosing a typeface that matches your content, brand, and message can be a challenge. These tools can help you decide on the appropriate combination of fonts that will make your website look and feel complete.

Canva Font Combinations

Pair together the perfect fonts with this simple and effective tool. Simply choose a starter font, and you’ll get suggestions and a demo of a few charming font duos.


If you need a little help with distinguishing between fonts, Tiff will overlay two fonts to help you compare and contrast the differences.


Worldmark.it lets you preview all of the fonts on your computer at the same time. It’s the perfect app if you can never keep track of all of the fonts you have, or if you just want to see some comparisons to help you choose the “right” font. It’s simple to use: just type in your sample text, press enter, and Wordmark.it will create previews of that text with all of the fonts that you have.

The Ultimate Free Web Design Toolkit

File Hosting


If you need a place to store your works of genius, Dropbox is a great tool. Access your files anywhere you are, as long as you have the login. If you’re looking to collaborate, using Dropbox is a great option, as it also allows you to share files with anyone. Note that Dropbox Basic (which includes 2GB of storage) is free, but upgrades are available for those looking for more space and features.

The Ultimate Free Web Design Toolkit


Hack Design

If you’re looking to take your design game to the next level, Hack Design will give you plenty of resources to learn what you need. Browse lessons written by the world’s top designers, look at their suggestion of top design tools, and try out their interactive content to learn new skills.